EyeStrobe Goggle is designed to train the connections between an individual’s eyes, brain and body.

 Most of the information to your brain comes from your eyes, the stroboscopic glasses flickering between opaque and transparent, which limits the amount of visual information to your brain. It actually forcing your brain to work harder and react with limited visual information. Imagine your brain as a muscle, stroboscopic training puts a weight on your brain, resulting with significant improvement of your reaction time, hand-eye coordination, lock in balance, anticipation time, visual memoryand more. Now imagine yourself but much better.

 As 90% of the transmitted information to the brain is visual, vision accounts for 2/3 of the electrical activity of the brain. In addition, 40% of all nerve fibers connected to the brain are from the retina. Visual and Sensorimotor Skills can be measured and improved. Scientific research shows that these skills are modifiable. Everyone from the injured to the high performer can be trained to sense sharper, perceive quicker and react faster.

 EyeStrobe (™) is a certified agent and affiliate of Senaptec LLC