What is Stroboscopic Training?

Stroboscopic training enhances sensory skills through dynamic vision. It limits the information that your brain from the eyes by blinking lenses, forces your brain to work under different difficulties levels.
EyeStrobe can be integrated into traditional training drills. The strategy is to first do a drill without the EyeStrobeand with the EyeStrobe, while you increase the difficulty level.

Is the EyeStrobe efficiency is Proven?

Strobe will provide you with immediate improvement from your first training. Below are links for various research reports about the Strobe efficiency.

How to update the Strobe Firmware?

Before connecting the Strobe Eyewear to the Strobe App, you should update the firmware on the Strobe Eyewear. This needs to be only once, as follows:

  1. Start with the Strobe Eyewear Off
  2. Turn on the Strobe Eyewear
  3. During the startup sequence, when the Strobe Eyewear screen in entirely lit, press and hold the ‘+’ button until the screen goes dark.
  4. The Strobe Eyewear i snow ready to be updated. Select “update” on the App and proceed with the update.

Is the Strobe can be used as sunglasses?

The STROBE is not sunglasses. STROBE lenses do not provide UV protection.

How many level the Strobe has?

The Strobe has 8 difficulty levels. In the most difficult level the frequency is the lowest.

Can I train only on one eye?

You may control the Strobe to block left or right eye and train only on one eye.

May I customize the Strobe?

Using you Android or iOS App you can create customized levels.

How should I clean the Strobe lenses?

Clean the Strobe lenses with a micro-fiber cloth. Separate the strap from Eyewear before washing strap.
Do not use cleaning products on lenses.