Strobe glasses – innovative methods of training

Based on recent researches modern scientists and trainers agreed that in order to see the productive game and have good results, it is necessary to train not only motor reflexes of athletes, but also the visual ones.

For this purpose, trainers of many countries began to use unusual stroboscopic glasses. These glasses create effects of slowed or speeded up action. Depending on the mode, they can either slow the ball in the eyes, or cause a temporary blinding effect, motivating the eyes and muscles to respond faster than  to the standard speed.

Training in such a specific environment, where visual experience alternates between visible and hidden, can serve as a mean of improving attention and visual abilities.

Coaches have risked using this method of training based on results of an experiment. Participants of the experiment were divided into two groups: the one without strobe glassesand a Strobe-group (wearing eyestrobe).

Results were amazing.  Those, who were in the first group, continued to train as before, without changes.  Compared to the first group, the Strobe group’s athletes have shown better results, which proved the ability to enhance the athlete’s reaction and speed with a help of strobe glasses without any harm to his health.